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IPS Panels

Streamlined Solutions for Concealed Pipework

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Our Duct Panel Systems serve a dual purpose: they protect essential plumbing and pipework from potential vandalism while enhancing the visual appeal of the washroom space. These Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS) are engineered with precision, ensuring a seamless fit that complements the washroom’s overall design.

The robust construction of our panels not only withstands the rigours of high-traffic environments but also offers a deterrent against vandalism. Making them a practical solution that doesn’t skimp on aesthetics, offering a clean and contemporary look that aligns with modern business environments.

IPS Panels

Functional Elegance

Our IPS Panels are a sleek solution to the age-old problem of unsightly pipework, offering protection and concealment in equal measure. Tailored to meet the demands of your space, they come in various heights and can be precision-manufactured to fit on site.

Whether you opt for MR-MFC for general areas or Solid Grade Laminate for more challenging, moisture-prone environments, our Duct and Shadow Panel System adapts to your needs without compromising on style.

IPS Panels