Custom Bathroom Door Art | NE Toilet Cubicles

Fun, Colourful & Uplifting Designs

Our fun and colourful Cubicle Door Art specifically designed to uplift our reduced height toilet cubicles. With a mix of art, learning, and a bit of magic to make every visit to the loo an adventure.

Based in the North East of England, we believe in turning every corner of a child’s world into a place for fun and learning.

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Designed For Our Junior Toilet Cubicle Range

Our door art designs are made to fit our junior toilet cubicle range. Each design adds a splash of colour and a dash of fun to the usual toilet visit.

Picture a toilet door that takes kids on a trip to space, introduces them to wild animals, or tells tales of great heroes. Our designs can make every trip to the toilet an exciting story.

We know that every school or nursery is different. That’s why we’re ready to make your toilet doors match your special place. We can show off your school’s mascot or tell the story that you want to share.

With our Custom Door Art, we can make every trip to the toilet fun, educational, and a bit magical. Contact us today to find out more.

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