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No, we manufacture and supply only. We may however be able to put you in touch with someone local to you who buys our Cubicles and can install them.

Yes, we recommend you send us a photograph of the item/parts required along with the thickness of the panels.

Between Walls (Cubicles with walls to either side and the rear)

Corner Cubicles (Cubicles with a wall to one side and the rear)

Island Cubicles (Cubicles are fitted to a rear wall only)

There are other configurations such as a Corner Inline, Single Between Walls, Single Inline, Double Inline etc. We have a link showing these “Cubicle Layout Examples”.

A “standard toilet cubicle” is 800mm (wide) x 1500mm (deep).

Cubicle panel height is 1800mm with 150mm ground clearance.

We have a link showing some example of “Standard Cubicles”.

Yes, we can manufacture cubicles to any size.

We have a link showing some example of “Small Junior Cubicles” previously manufactured.

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure there is enough space and the cubicles are fit for purpose.

We supply anywhere throughout the United Kingdom, with previous customers in:

You can contact us in multiple ways to discuss your requirements.

Email ~ info@netoiletcubicles.co.uk

Tel ~ 01429 650333

Online Quote Builder

Online Quote Builder

If you are unsure about what you want, we are more than happy to talk through your requirements and offer help and advice over the phone.

To provide an initial quote, the following basic information is required.

  • The number of cubicles required.
  • The configuration of the cubicles.
  • The chosen cubicle range.
  • Basic overall sizes if you have them.
  • Layout drawings, even a basic drawing is beneficial.

We don’t need you to provide the sizes of every panel, we will work this out.

If you are stuck just give us a call and we can talk you through things, we’re a friendly bunch and always happy to help.

Our Apollo, Olympic, Budget Junior, Inspiration & Cosmic Ranges are relatively easy to fit with a basic skill level and understanding of what you intend to undertake.

Our Warrior, Ambassador, Summit and Harmony Cubicles Ranges and items supplied in Solid Grade Laminate require a higher skill level. We recommend these ranges should only fitted by competent trades people.

In addition, each order comes with individual layout drawings specific to that job, drawings show all panel sizes and details required.

We provide a “Fit Guide” for all Cubicle Ranges and element.

If you get stuck just give us a call, we will be happy to provide help and advice Tel: 01429 650333

That depends on the board material to which the cubicles (and or other items) are manufactured from.

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) or Compact Laminate as its commonly referred to, is the board material which is 100% waterproof. Therefore, if cubicles are manufactured in (SGL) they are waterproof.

Our Warrior Range is manufactured from solid grade laminate, making it ideal for Showers or environments subject to excessive amounts of moisture or wetting.

Our Ambassador and Summit cubicles are mostly supplied in solid grade laminate as they are designed to be low to the ground and can also be used for showers.

We can manufacture all our Cubicle Ranges in Solid Grade Laminated if required.

Yes, we can manufacture cubicles to any size.

Were colours have not been stated, all quotes are based on our standard “popular colours”

These colours can be viewed on the relevant Cubicle Range page via a PDF download.

Colours specified from our offering, will be stated on our quotes.

If you have a specific colour requirement not shown, give us a call Tel: 01429 650333

Prior to manufacture, customers receive CAD drawing specific your order.

Drawings are based on the overall sizes you supply us, we calculate and show the sizes of the pilasters, dividers, and doors etc.

We request you check and confirm all the details and sizes etc are correct.

More complex jobs will come with elevation and cross section drawings as necessary.

Manufacture will not take place until we receive customer approval in writing.