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Transforming Healthcare Environments with Premium Bathroom Cubicles

Hygiene-Centric Cubicles for Healthcare Settings

North East Toilet Cubicles stands at the forefront of the UK market in supplying top-quality toilet cubicles tailored for the healthcare industry. Our offerings are meticulously designed to prioritise hygiene, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients and staff.

Alongside robustness, our cubicles provide the essential privacy and comfort needed in hospital bathrooms and other healthcare environments.

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Bespoke Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Grade Materials

Built To Last On Your Specification

Customised Healthcare Bathroom Solutions

Tailored for Excellence in Medical Facilities

Our bespoke healthcare toilet cubicle options are crafted from healthcare-grade materials, engineered to withstand rigorous cleaning protocols.

Meticulously built to your specifications, our cubicles are the embodiment of durability and functionality, meeting the stringent demands of the healthcare sector, including hospital bathrooms.

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Infection Control Optimised Cubicle Design

Intuitive Construction for Enhanced Sanitation

At the core of our design philosophy for healthcare facilities is an unwavering commitment to infection control. Our cubicle systems are constructed with smooth, non-porous surfaces for easy sanitisation, effectively contributing to the reduction of infection transmission in hospital bathrooms and care settings.

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Accessible Toilet Cubicles for Healthcare Settings

Prioritising Accessibility and Comfort

Accessibility is paramount in healthcare settings, and our toilet cubicles are designed with features that accommodate the needs of all users. Spacious interiors ensure ease of use and comfort, fostering an inclusive environment in every hospital bathroom.

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