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At North East Toilet Cubicles we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of exceptional, bespoke toilet cubicles and bathroom solutions, created specifically for the education sector.

We’ve spent years honing our expertise to deliver products that balance innovation, safety and durability, while keeping up with the aesthetics that young learners and students appreciate.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every educational facility, from nurseries to universities, is equipped with washrooms that meet the highest standards of functionality and visual appeal.

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Multiple Colours & Door Art Available

Range of Different Materials

Built To Last Toilet Cubicles

Nursery & Primary School Bathrooms

Safety and Creativity in Unison.

Recognising the unique requirements of early learning environments, we prioritise safety without compromising on the vibrant and engaging aesthetics that captivate young minds. Our designs for these early learning environments are safety-first, while never compromising on the lively aesthetics young minds will love.

Whether it’s the vibrant palette of our Cosmic Range or the economical charm of our Budget Junior Range, our nursery toilet cubicles are designed with easy-to-install features and safety-conscious elements such as anti-crush hinges and externally opened latches.

We supply toilet cubicles in Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) for light to medium use, and for more demanding conditions, our Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) in our Inspiration Range stands ready to endure.

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Secondary School Bathrooms

Built Tough, Styled Right.

Our range caters to the dynamic nature of secondary schools, with our toilet cubicles for schools being engineered for both durability and aesthetic appeal. This provides a welcoming space that can handle high traffic and the rigorous demands of a lively educational setting.

Our Warrior Range, known for its waterproof and nearly indestructible SGL construction, is a testament to our dedication to long-term investment and quality. For spaces where maximum privacy is paramount, explore our Privacy and Executive Range.

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College and Universities

Sophisticated, Dependable Bathroom Solutions

As students mature, their environments should evolve with them. Our washroom solutions for colleges and universities deliver on this front.

Our Olympic Range offers an elegant solution for low-traffic areas, while our robust Warrior Range and Warrior Shower Cubicles can endure the demands of high-traffic, hard-wearing areas, all while maintaining a modern and appealing aesthetic. These sophisticated solutions ensure that as students mature, their washrooms reflect a modern and refined aesthetic without sacrificing dependability.

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