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Elegant and Practical Toilet Solutions for Leisure Venues

Bespoke Bathroom Designs for the Hospitality Sector

At North East Toilet Cubicles, we craft toilet cubicles and washroom facilities that are not only visually striking but also supremely functional for a variety of leisure venues, including hotels, restaurants, aquatic centres, clubs, and bars.

Our bespoke service is dedicated to providing designs that seamlessly blend style, resilience, and ease of maintenance. This ensures an exceptional experience for your patrons while capturing the distinctive ambience of your business.

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Multiple Colours & Door Art Available

Range of different Materials

Built To Last Toilet Cubicles

Customised Cubicles for Leisure Sector Bathrooms

Versatile Styles and Lasting Performance

Our array of toilet cubicles for the leisure sector comes with a spectrum of customisable options. Choose from a vibrant palette of colours and creative door art to reflect your brand’s personality, and select from a variety of robust materials designed for longevity.

Built to endure, our toilet cubicles are perfect for high-traffic leisure facilities, promising enduring quality and a welcoming environment.

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Tailored Toilet Cubicles for Swimming Pool Bathrooms

Moisture-Resistant and Hygienic Solutions

For swimming pool bathroom areas, our cubicles are engineered to withstand the humid and wet conditions typically found in aquatic environments.

Our materials are carefully chosen to resist moisture and prevent mould, ensuring a hygienic and safe space for swimmers and staff alike. With our custom designs, you can create a swimming pool bathroom that stands out for its durability and clean aesthetic.

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Robust Cubicles for Gym Bathrooms

Strong and Stylish Washroom Solutions

Gym bathrooms require a balance of toughness and style to accommodate the rigorous use by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Our toilet cubicles are constructed with high-impact materials to handle the heavy usage while maintaining a modern look that complements the dynamic atmosphere of a gym.

At North East Toilet Cubicles, you can ensure that your gym bathrooms are as strong as they are stylish.

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