Cubicles Archive - North East Toilet Cubicles

Adult height cubicles

Warrior Range

The perfect combination of strength, durability and aesthetics.

Olympic Range

A Versatile and Decorative Cubicle Solution.

Apollo Range

An Affordable and Functional Adult Height Cubicle System

Reduced height cubicles

Harmony Range

Engaging and User Friendly Cubicles for Young Users

Cosmic Range

Innovative Design Meets Practicality

Inspiration Range

Helping make a visit to the Toilet a pleasant experience for younger users.

Budget Range

A Functional, Low Cost, Reduced Height Cubicle System.

Custom Door Art

Fun, Colourful & Uplifting Designs

Executive and increased privacy cubicles

Ambassador Range

Contemporary Full-Height Cubicle Excellence

Fusion Range

Customisable Elegance for Modern Washrooms

Summit Range

Elevated Design for Discerning Tastes

Shower cubicles

Warrior Shower Range

Unyielding Strength for High-Demand Areas

Vanity units

Compact Flat Panel

Practical & Durable Vanity Units

Post Formed Laminate

Versatile Aesthetics for Washroom Vanities

Solid Surface

Tailored Elegance in Washroom Surfaces

Duct panel system

IPS Panels

Streamlined Solutions for Concealed Pipework