Summit Range | Refined Washroom Cubicles


Elevated Design for Discerning Tastes

The Summit Range stands as a testament to what can be achieved when elegant design meets functional excellence in washroom cubicles. A favourite among architects and designers, the range captivates with its sophisticated features, such as curved “floating” pilasters and a complementing bullnose headrail, which create a sense of refined aesthetics and architectural interest.

Offering a variety of height options, including the option for floor-to-ceiling installation, the Summit Range caters to the need for privacy and the desire for a distinctive washroom experience. This flexibility allows for customisation according to the specific requirements of each project, from providing added privacy in luxury settings to meeting the demands of high-traffic public facilities.

Constructed from 13mm Solid Grade Laminate, the cubicles in the Summit Range are not only visually striking but also exceptionally strong and suitable for both wet and dry environments. The robust nature of the materials ensures that the cubicles can withstand significant wear and tear, representing a long-term investment in both quality and style.


Board Material
Solid Grade Laminate
Black core – visible edges are machined to a slight radius and polished.
Property / Usage
Virtually unbreakable & 100% Waterproof – Ideal for high usage and demanding environments both wet & dry.
Finish / Colour
Cubicle Panels – From our standard colour range
Curved Aluminium Pilasters, Bullnose Headrail, Pilaster Mounted Locks
Cubicle Height
2200mm to 2400mm standard / optional 2400mm to 2750mm
Ground Clearance
Pilasters – 10mm
Dividers – To the floor located in a floor channel.
Other options on request.
Ceiling Clearance
As defined by sizes requested.
Optional to Ceiling for privacy.

The board material is 13mm Solid Grade Laminate (SGL).

SGL is waterproof and extremely durable.

Suitable for high traffic, demanding environments both wet and dry.

Our Summit Range is a Standard Height Cubicle System, designed and manufactured to fit your site dimensions and specific requirements.

We understand that every project is individual in size and / or colour. We will design to fit.

Standard Height Cubicles Panels are 1800mm, Ground Clearance 150mm
Doors Based on a Standard Door opening of 580mm, door size is 620mm x 1800mm (W x H)
Dividers Standard Size 1500mm x 1800mm (W x H)

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