Inspiration Range | Child-Friendly Toilet Cubicles


Introducing the Inspiration Range, the perfect combination of both user privacy and adult supervision.

A reduced height system featuring wave shaped doors and low level dividers. Further complemented with quality aluminium furniture, including anti-crush hinges and latches as standard for added peace of mind.

Available in two board performance options, the Inspiration Range offers a solution to meet every budget and environment, making it the ideal choice for a child friendly washroom.

Helping make a visit to the Toilet a pleasant experience for younger users.


Board Material
19mm MR MFC – Moisture Resistant.
12mm/13mm SGL – Solid Grade Laminate ~ Virtually Unbreakable & 100% Waterproof
MR-MFC panels are lipped with matching 2mm ABS Edging Tape for added edge protection.
SGL all panels have a black core – visible edges are machined to a slight radius and polished.
Property / Usage
MR MFC – Dry, low usage, none demanding environments.
SGL – Virtually unbreakable, ideal for high usage and demanding environments. 100% Waterproof, the perfect solution for wet and high moisture applications.
Finish / Colour
From our colour range
Contrasting doors & pilasters as standard
Subtle colours or fun and friendly colours.
Optional single sides door and pilaster wrap finished (see door art page)
Cubicle Height
Pilasters 1800mm – Dividers 1100mm + Ground Clearance
Doors, bottom of shape 1100mm, top of shape 1250mm
Dividers 1100mm
All plus ground clearance
Ground Clearance
150mm with a + / – 15mm clearance adjustment.

19mm Moisture Resistant Melamine Faced Chipboard (MR-MFC).

A high density chipboard product with a decorative melamine facing bonded under high temperature and pressure.

Suitable for medium to low usage dry environments.

13mm SGL – Solid Grade Compact Laminate.

With a solid laminate core, making this product 100% Waterproof and Virtually Unbreakable.

Suitable for all environments both wet and dry.

Our Inspiration Range is a Reduced Height Cubicle System, designed and manufactured to fit your site dimensions and specific requirements.

We understand that every project is individual in size and / or colour. We will design to fit.

Reduced Height Cubicles Front panels are 1800mm, Ground Clearance 150mm
Doors Based on a Standard Door opening of 580mm, door size is 620mm x 1100mm (W x H). Height is to the bottom of the shape.
Dividers Reduced Height Size 1500mm x 1100mm (W x H)

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