Cosmic Range | Stylish Toilet Cubicles


Innovative Design Meets Practicality

The Cosmic Range offers both aesthetics and functionality.

Featuring curved, reduced height doors, further complemented by shaped dividers.

Safety and quality are also of paramount importance, therefore quality aluminium furniture and anti-crush hinges and door locks are supplied as standard, ensuring a safe and user-friendly experience.

With two board performance options this range can withstand the daily rigours of normal and demanding environments, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

Choose a subtle colour scheme or pick something bright and fun, either way our Cosmic Range will help create a welcoming space for the younger user.


Board Material
19mm MR MFC – Moisture Resistant.
12mm/13mm SGL – Solid Grade Laminate ~ Virtually Unbreakable & 100% Waterproof
MR-MFC panels are lipped with matching 2mm ABS Edging Tape for added edge protection.
SGL all panels have a black core – visible edges are machined to a slight radius and polished.
Property / Usage
MR MFC – Dry, low usage, none demanding environments.
SGL – Virtually unbreakable, ideal for high usage and demanding environments. 100% Waterproof, the perfect solution for wet and high moisture applications.
Finish / Colour
From our colour range
Contrasting doors & pilasters as standard
Subtle colours or fun and friendly colours.
Optional single sides door and pilaster wrap finished (see door art page)
Cubicle Height
1800mm Pilasters
Doors, bottom of shape 1100mm, top of shape 1250mm
Dividers, bottom of shape 1100mm, top of shape 1800mm
All plus ground clearance
Ground Clearance
150mm with + / – 15mm Clearance Adjustment

19mm Moisture Resistant Melamine Faced Chipboard (MR-MFC).

A high density chipboard product with a decorative melamine facing bonded under high temperature and pressure.

Suitable for medium to low usage dry environments.

13mm SGL – Solid Grade Compact Laminate.

With a solid laminate core, making this product 100% Waterproof and Virtually Unbreakable.

Suitable for all environments both wet and dry.

Our Cosmic Range is a Reduced Height Cubicle System, designed and manufactured to fit your site dimensions and specific requirements.

We understand that every project is individual in size and / or colour. We will design to fit.

Reduced Height Cubicles Front panels are 1800mm, Ground Clearance 150mm
Doors Based on a Standard Door opening of 580mm, door size is 620mm x 1100mm (W x H). Height is to the bottom of the shape.
Dividers Reduced Height Size 1500mm x 1100mm (W x H)

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