Leisure Washrooms

We have a wide range of toilet cubicles solutions for all leisure washroom solutions.

We can provide for a variety of establishments such as campsite and caravan sites, cinemas, gyms, nightclubs and bars.

We offer full height toilet cubicles that maintain privacy, or more unbreakable solutions such as our Ambassador range that comes in Solid Grade Laminate (SGL).

We recommend SGL for most leisure washroom solutions because of their impact resistance, durability and most importantly, they are totally waterproof.

For gymnasium washroom solutions we also provide shower cubicles in SGL.

Nightclub / Bar Washrooms

For nightclubs and bars we can provide sleek, modern looking and stunning washrooms such as our Fusion, Ambassador or Summit Range.

We offer solid surface or compact flat panel, post formed laminate vanity units for washing hands, we will match the vanity unit to your range based on your specifications.

We are the UK’s leading supplier of Toilet Cubicles, contact us with any questions or if you need any help with your project.

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