Nursery and Primary School Washrooms

We have a wide range of toilet cubicles solutions for all education washroom solutions.

If you are looking for toilet cubicles for Nurseries or Primary Schools, we offer ranges that are bold, unique and colourful while retaining safety and modesty for children.

Designed to maintain privacy and safety whilst still allowing adult supervision.

Our ranges have reduced height doors, with anti-crush hinges and latches as standard and the latches are easily opened from the outside.

Our Budget Junior Range comes with two choices for colours for doors and multiple colours for pilasters, manufactured in Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) for light to medium usage, while the Inspiration Range comes in Moisture Resistant Melamine Faced Chipboard (MR-MFC) or Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) which is fully waterproof and virtually unbreakable, great for high traffic areas.

Our Cosmic Range offers uniquely shaped doors in bright, contrasting colours with the doors at a reduced height in a fantastic range of colours.

We offer a choice of door art and designs that are printed to the outside of the doors and pilasters.

Secondary School Toilet Cubicles

For secondary school toilet cubicles, you will want to be looking for a more grown up, standard look that is suitable for high traffic and possibly impact resistant.

Our SGL ranges are waterproof and virtually unbreakable, such as the Warrior Range which also have a standard height to avoid anti-social behaviour. If you wish to have totally private cubicles then our Privacy and Executive Range may be more suited.

College and University Toilet Cubicles

College and University cubicles should provide a reliable and attractive washroom solution. The Olympic Range would be suitable for less hard wearing areas, while the Warrior and Warrior Range of Shower Cubicles would be suited for more hard-wearing, higher traffic areas.

Whatever your requirements for Educational Washroom Solutions, we supply toilet cubicles to suit the budget and requirements of your project.

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