Ambassador Range
Ambassador Range
Ambassador Range
Ambassador Range


The Ambassador Range is modern, stylish and contemporary. Perfect for those looking to create an impact.

Manufactured in 12mm/13mm Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) in full height design.

This range is waterproof, extremely strong and suitable for demanding wet and dry areas.

Increased Privacy Cubicle System

Virtually Unbreakable

100% Waterproof

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We have partnered with NBS to assist customers who can now specify a selection of our products directly into projects from NBS Source.

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Board Material: 12mm / 13mm Compact Laminate / Solid Grade Laminate (SGL)
Impact resistant and totally impervious to water
Edging: All panels have a solid black core.
Visible edges are machined to a slight radius and then polished
Thickness: 12mm / 13mm
Properties / Usage: Waterproof and solid material.
Suitable for toilet cubicles, shower cubicles and wet rooms.
Finish / Colours: Multiple colour options available.
Cubicle Sizing: Full or Increased Height Cubicles.
Doors, dividers and pilasters are supplied 2100mm – 2400mm as standard.
2400mm – 2750mm - Optional
Ceiling Details: Pilasters located into ceiling channel.
Gap to ceiling e.g. 100mm (Full Privacy not Required) - Optional
Dividers are designed to have a 10mm gap to ceiling.
Located into Ceiling Channel - Optional
Gap to ceiling e.g. 100mm (Full Privacy not Required) - optional
Doors located behind pilaster.
Ground Clearance: Pilasters 10mm as standard via angled bracket to rear.
25mm / 50mm / 100mm optional Via pilaster legs. - Optional
Dividers 10mm as standard
25mm / 50mm / 100mm - optional.
Located into floor channel – optional.
Doors as pilaster gap
Cubicle Fixings: Doors are pre-drilled for cubicle locks & door hinges.
Pilasters are pre-drilled for door hinges & divider brackets.
Furniture: Satin anodised aluminium cubicle furniture with decorative external cover plates as standard, powder coated furniture is an additional option.

Floors must be reasonably level due to the designed small floor gap.

This system must be installed by competent trades people - Not a novice.


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Available Colours (SGL)


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Board Material

The board material is 13mm Solid Grade Laminate (SGL).

SGL is waterproof and extremely durable.

Suitable for high traffic, demanding environments both wet and dry.

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