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Warrior Toilet Cubicle & Shower Range

A simple solution to increase their positive reviews and win the prestigious Platinum Loo of the Year award!

Case Study: Thorntons Holt Camping Park

The owners of a prominent Nottinghamshire caravan site set out on a path to enhance their visitors’ experience with a plan to create a washroom facility that would set their site apart from the rest.

Following the construction of a new toilet & washroom and after evaluating various suppliers offerings, North East Toilet Cubicles Limited were chosen to fulfill their vision. This case study outlines the collaboration, design process, and the successful transformation of the caravan sites amenities and customer experience.

The client’s aim was to also integrate the galvanized metal aesthetics of the new building into the design of the washroom.

Initial Steps

Upon receiving our quotation, the caravan site owners engaged us to undertake a site visit. During which, we had the opportunity to discuss the proposed works in detail and showcase colour and product samples. It was apparent that the client had an exceptional attention to detail, which resonated with our commitment to delivering high quality.

Design & Implementation

We embraced the client’s original design while making necessary modifications to align with precise site dimensions and accommodate the placement of newly pre-installed flush to the floor shower bases.

In line with the family oriented nature of the facility, we incorporated features such as splash screens and seats in the shower cubicles. Additionally, family showers, were equipped with an extra splash screen to enhance user comfort and convenience.

As with every project, our design team collaborated closely with the client to ensure the final design met their needs accurately prior to manufacture.

Our Solution

Warrior Range

The chosen solution was our Warrior Toilet & Shower Cubicles. Manufactured from Solid Grade Compact Laminate this cubicle range is perfectly suited due to the robust, virtually unbreakable and waterproof qualities. This cubicle range comes with high quality powder coated aluminium furniture, specified in both a black and silver finish for this project.

The client’s own vanity frames constructed from galvanized metal frames were supplied with top and infill panels, creating a cohesive and unique look.

Outcome & Recognition

The response from visitors was overwhelmingly positive following the opening of the new facilities. Visitor reviews poured in, praising the new facilities for their design, functionality, and attention to detail. The caravan sites elevated visitor experience was further recognized with multiple awards accolades, including the prestigious Platinum Loo of the Year award. This recognition underscored the success of the project.


The transformation of the caravan sites toilet and washroom facilities stands as a testament to our commitment to deliver, attention to detail of our design test and ability to deliver what we promise. In doing so we successfully created a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that continues to receive widespread acclaim. This project not only enhanced the site’s amenities but also contributed to its status as an award-winning destination.