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Ambassador Range

Transforming a Historic Basement into a Stylish Bar with Bespoke Washroom Facilities

Case Study: The Vaults - Transforming a Historic Basement into a Stylish Bar with Bespoke Washroom Facilities

This collaborative project in the historic Darlington market showcases the transformation of a disused basement into a trendy bar, with our part being the supply of a modern washroom solution. This whilst maintaining the historic charm and embracing an industrial aesthetic.

The client’s vision was clear, an industrial aesthetic that retained the charm of the exposed brick walls, vaulted brick ceilings and structural steel, all inherent in contributing to the raw appeal.

North East Toilet Cubicles were entrusted with supplying toilet cubicles that seamlessly blended functionality and design.

The chosen cubicle range was our Ambassador Range, this catered perfectly to the client’s need for low level privacy and was supplied to a maximum height, keeping in mind the constraints of the metal structure and steel rods.

The colour palette played a pivotal role in fulfilling the industrial look. The customer’s colour of choice was Kito Bronze, selected for its warm but rustic appeal, further complemented by black cubicle furniture.

Designing for Reality

Architectural plans laid out the groundwork, but the actual dimensions of the site necessitated a few modifications. Our design team, working to the actual site dimensions set about to create accurate plan and elevation drawing, ensuring every element fit perfectly within the physical space. Final approval, from all involved was obtained prior to manufacturing.

Clients Requirements in Brief

  1. Industrial Aesthetic: The client desired an industrial look, with a focus on preserving as much of the exposed brick, vaulted/curved brick ceilings, and exposed steel strengthening rods as possible.
  2. Visible Steel Structure: The existing metal ducting was to be left visible as part of the design, adding to the industrial ambiance.
  3. Toilet Cubicles: A cubicle system that provided the maximum privacy adaptable, to take into account the height constraints posed by the metal structure and steel rods.
  4. Duct & Shadow Panels: A system to conceal toilet cisterns and pipework, as well as urinal pipework.
  5. Colour Scheme: A warm but industrial feel, bring to life the historic to achieve a cohesive design.

Project Execution

The project was executed with meticulous planning and close collaboration amongst all parties involved.

Key milestones included:

  • Design and Planning: Detailed CAD drawings were produced by our design team, taking into account the unique challenges posed by the historic space and the client’s industrial aesthetic preferences.
  • Cubicle & Duct Panel System: Our Ambassador Range was perfectly adapted to meet the client’s needs for privacy, this was perfectly matched with our IPS Duct Panel System all of which was supplied in Solid Grade Compact Laminate for maximum strength and durability.
  • Manufacturing and Delivery: The Cubicles and IPS Duct Panels were designed, manufactured, and delivered on time and within the agreed budget.


This project exemplifies North East Toilet Cubicles’ commitment to providing clients with tailored design solutions that allow contractors to bring their concepts to life, whilst in this case respecting the inherent charm of a historical space.

This was furthermore emphasised by the following glowing customer review.

“Over 30 years in retail fit out. By far the best IPS cubicle supplier I’ve dealt with, honest open approach, amazing fast turnaround, and brilliant value in comparison to other suppliers.

They have supplied us on two separate phases of a unique and difficult project. No dramas, everything fits, quality is second to none !!”

The Results

The outcome was a seamless fusion of industrial aesthetics. Patrons enter the washrooms are greeted by a unique ambiance that pays homage to the building’s past while embracing the demands of the present.