Project in Durham | NE Toilet Cubicles

Project Overview

We were approached by a Durham based electronics manufacturing company looking to revamp the existing washroom facilities of a recently acquired industrial factory unit. The managing director sought a system similar to that of an adjoining factory unit, but to a significantly higher standard, improved finish and aesthetic look.

Client Engagement

During the initial quotation stage and throughout the project, we had direct communication with both the Facilities Manager and Managing Director to ensure our products were to their exacting standard.

Project Scope

This project encompassed the design, manufacture, and supply of a unique Increased Height Cubicle System. The design was to incorporate an element of increased privacy, addressing specific concerns raised by the client. Simultaneously, the system was engineered to meet the requirements for robustness without compromising the visually appealing aesthetic demanded by the client.

The client also opted for a Solid Surface Vanity Tops with colour matched sinks, these manufactured with a low profile front downstand to the clients wish.

Site Visit and Measurement

During the quoting stage, we performed a thorough site measure. We proposed various solutions to improving the final appearance. Additionally, we provided guidance and addressed the clients appointed contractors regarding various aspects of the proposed works.

As the final construction works unfolded on site, changes to the site dimensions and spacings were made by the client. We made further site visits to ensure we had a correct understanding of the changing requirements.

Material and Product Samples

To ensure client satisfaction we provided board product samples, colour samples, solid surface colour samples along with various options relating to Cubicle Furniture and Furniture Finishes. All presented in actual physical samples for the client to ensure they were satisfied with the colour choices and to showcase the high quality of our products.

Design and Planning

Our design team created detailed CAD drawings, including elevations, plans, and cross sections. These drawings provide the sizes of every panel specific to the proposed layout and design. As with all projects, these were presented to the client and contractor for confirmation and sign off.

Colour Selection

he client opted for a combination of Mid Grey and Walnut for the Cubicle elements of the Washroom. Corian Solid Surface vanity tops in Glacier White were chosen further complimented by the vanity under panels matching the cubicles. A two pack chrome finish was chosen for the Cubicle furniture.

Material Selection

With a view and desire to cover many aspects, the client opted for a combination of materials comprising of the following:-

  • Postformed Laminate Pilasters supplied 32mm
  • Solid Surface Vanity Tops & Integrated Basins
  • Solid Grade Laminate Vanity Shadow
  • Cubicles & IPS being a combination of both HPL & MR MFC


When supplying woodgrain duct panels, we ensured they are cut from a single panel to maintain consistent woodgrain patterns throughout the panels.

Urinal Privacy

To ensure user privacy to the urinal area within the washroom, our design incorporated extended privacy panels. This simple solution ensured user privacy within the washroom.

Scope of Services

Our involvement in the project included site survey, measuring, design, manufacturing, and supply. We provided the main contractor the necessary initial help and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful installation on site.

The scope of works also included IPS Duct and Shadow panels to conceal toilet cisterns, as well as the design of panelling to create a sleek and clean finish to the side walls within the cubicles to certain areas.

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of the project were to:

  1. Provide a high degree of privacy within the toilet cubicles.
  2. Conceal toilet cisterns, waste pipes, and unsightly plumbing elements.
  3. Design and manufacture customised cubicles tailored to the site dimensions and requirements.
  4. Offer an aesthetically pleasing and upmarket colour scheme while ensuring durability.

Project Execution

  1. Cubicle Selection: A Non-Standard Cubicle Range with 100mm ground & ceiling clearance ensured both functionality and cleanliness.
  2. IPS Integration: To address the client’s privacy concerns and hide plumbing elements, IPS panels were strategically incorporated into the design. This included duct and shadow features for both the toilet cisterns and urinal areas.
  3. Material Selection: Solid Grade Compact Laminate, Solid Surface, HPL & Moisture Resistant MFC were all selected for their various properties.
  4. Manufacturing and Supply: The cubicles were manufactured to the specified design and colour scheme. All components were quality-checked before being supplied to site.
  5. Installation: The installation of the cubicles was undertaken by the main contractor’s team. Clear fitting instructions were provided to ensure a smooth installation process.

Project Outcome

The unique project successfully achieved its objectives:

  1. Privacy and Aesthetics: The customised cubicles struck a balance between providing privacy and asthetics. The IPS panels effectively concealed plumbing elements, contributing to a clean and visually appealing Washroom environment.
  2. Accurate Fit: Precise site dimensions and meticulous design ensured a trouble free installation on site.
  3. Colour Scheme: The elegant finishes, paired with the chrome furniture, injected energy into the washroom space while maintaining a modern look.
  4. Durability and Quality: The use of Solid Grade Compact Laminate and high-quality aluminium furniture ensured the longevity and durability of the cubicles.

In summary, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with our innovative design and adaptability, exemplifies our dedication to delivering a high quality solution. This project stands as a testament and pays tribute to our capability to provide a solution that prioritises privacy and robustness without sacrificing the ultimate aesthetic vision. It not only meets, but surpasses the clients’ expectations, underscoring our commitment to excellence.