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Case Study: New Factory Washroom

This project involved creation of a new washroom to a lab facility. Involving the Design, Manufacture, and supply of both Toilet & Shower Cubicles along with IPS Duct & Shadow Panelling to both the Toilets & Urinal Areas.

Customer & Location

Interior Fit Out Company, for a project in Manchester.


This Washroom project encompassed the design, manufacturing, and supply of a comprehensive Toilet and Shower Cubicles facility, including IPS Duct and Shadow Panelling.

Client Engagement

Throughout the project, our primary contact was the Main Contractor, a well-established Yorkshire-based Interior Fit Out Company with whom we have a longstanding relationship. During the initial quotation stage, we provided board material and product samples, showcasing the high-quality offerings to the contractor’s client.

Design and Planning

Basic site dimensions were provided by the contractor, allowing our design team to create detailed CAD drawings, including elevations, plans, and cross-sections. All designs were submitted to the contractor for confirmation and sign-off prior to manufacture.

Colour and Material Selection: The client opted for a sophisticated combination of Dark Grey and Blue for the washroom. Our standard black textured powder-coated aluminium cubicle furniture seamlessly complemented these colours.

Scope of Services

Our role in the project covered design, manufacturing, and supply. We provided initial assistance and guidance to the main contractor, ensuring a smooth and successful on-site installation. All installation works were undertaken by the main contractors.

Products Used

1. Warrior Range Standard Height Cubicles: Chosen for their durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal, these cubicles are ideal for demanding environments.

2. Warrior IPS – Duct & Shadow: Supplied to the rear of the cubicles to conceal cisterns and to one side wall within the end cubicle, extending outside to cover the urinal flush system and pipework.

Project Outcome

The successful execution of this supply-only project resulted in a significant improvement to the washroom facilities. The combination of Warrior Range Cubicles, associated products, carefully selected colours, and meticulous attention to design and manufacturing details ensured client and contractor satisfaction. The new washroom now presents a modern, functional, and visually appealing environment aligned with the client’s expectations.


This case study exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored solutions, maintaining open communication with both clients and contractors, and delivering high-quality products and unmatched service. All products were manufactured and delivered to the site as agreed upon, showcasing our dedication to fulfilling project requirements.