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Ambassador Range

Custom Ambassador Cubicle Range for Privacy and Aesthetics.

Case Study: Blue Reef

The Blue Reef Ambassador Cubicle Range project involved the design, manufacturing, and supply of tailor-made toilet cubicles to address privacy concerns while upholding an appealing aesthetic. The project scope also encompassed IPS Duct and Shadow panels to conceal toilet cisterns and plumbing elements, as well as the creation of panelling to establish a sleek and hygienic hand basin area, including return elevations. All components, including the cubicles, were crafted from durable Solid Grade Compact Laminate and featured a vibrant Lime finish, complemented by light grey powder-coated aluminium furniture.

Project Objectives

The primary goals of the Blue Reef Ambassador Cubicle Range project were as follows:

  1. Enhance Privacy: To provide a heightened level of privacy within the toilet cubicles, ensuring a comfortable and secure restroom experience for users.
  2. Conceal Plumbing Elements: To expertly hide toilet cisterns, waste pipes, and unsightly plumbing components, contributing to a visually pleasing and clean restroom environment.
  3. Customised Cubicles: To design and manufacture cubicles that precisely fit the unique site dimensions and specific project requirements.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: To deliver an attractive and vibrant colour scheme that not only exuded energy but also maintained its visual allure over time.

Project Execution

Cubicle Selection

The Ambassador Cubicle Range was chosen for its exceptional design flexibility and privacy-enhancing features. Maintaining a 50mm ground clearance decision offered both practicality and ease of cleaning.

IPS Integration

To address privacy concerns and conceal plumbing elements, the project strategically incorporated IPS panels. These panels included duct and shadow elements for both toilet cisterns and the hand basin area.

Material Selection

Solid Grade Compact Laminate was selected for its outstanding durability and low-maintenance qualities. The Lime finish was chosen to infuse vibrancy and vitality into the restroom environment.

Design and Validation

The project’s design team collaborated closely with the primary contractor, utilising provided site dimensions to create precise CAD drawings. These drawings included comprehensive elevations, plans, and cross-sections, which were shared with the client for final approval.

Colour and Furniture

The client opted for a striking Lime finish for the cubicles, harmonised with light grey powder-coated aluminium furniture.

Manufacturing and Supply

The cubicles were meticulously manufactured according to the specified design and colour scheme. Stringent quality control measures ensured that all components met the highest standards before being dispatched to the site.


The installation of the cubicles was undertaken by the main contractor’s proficient team, facilitated by clear and concise fitting instructions to ensure a seamless installation process.

Project Outcome

The Blue Reef Ambassador Cubicle Range project successfully achieved its primary objectives:

  1. Privacy and Aesthetics: The custom-designed cubicles struck a balance between privacy and an open, welcoming atmosphere. The inclusion of IPS panels effectively concealed plumbing elements, enhancing the overall cleanliness and visual appeal of the restroom environment.
  2. Accurate Fit: Precise site dimensions and meticulous design translated into a seamless fit, even in the context of the curved structure.
  3. Vibrant Colour Scheme: The bold Lime finish, complemented by light grey aluminium furniture, injected life and vitality into the restroom space while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.
  4. Durability and Quality: The use of Solid Grade Compact Laminate and high-quality aluminium furniture ensured the long-term durability and quality of the cubicles.


In conclusion, the Blue Reef Ambassador Cubicle Range project exemplifies how thoughtful design and effective collaboration can yield a restroom solution that not only fulfils specific privacy requirements but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the space.